Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork

Enjoy this style as a transcendental experience that is simultaneously uplifting and grounding.


Jetta possesses an Advanced Thai Yoga Massage certification from the Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts (IMOSHA) in Mysuru, India.

Her bodywork practice is a multi-modality method that utilizes meridian work, trigger point therapy, and dynamic movements to increase flexibility, enhance mobility, and provide a deep layer of relaxation unmet by other modalities.

These sessions work every layer of the physical and subtle bodies, allowing the stagnant energies behind ailments to flow. Jetta’s sessions are corrective and therapeutic, yet fluid and relaxing.  


More about Bodywork with Jetta

During her 6 month stint in India, Jetta studied, traditional kundalini yoga, energywork, body mechanics, and meditation. Shortly thereafter, she practiced massage and taught yoga in Queensland, Australia, where she apprenticed under experts in the field and practiced different forms of east asian massage. 


In the first moments after the session begins, you can feel you are in good hands. I close my eyes and easily, her warm energy, along with the soft tones of the music, carries me into a dream state. I awaken to an upside-down pair of sparkling eyes and a smile, feeling peace. I am grateful to have gone through several different sessions with Jetta. You can see so clearly how she cares about helping others and bettering herself in her practice. I think only of her name when I need some healing.
Jetta Blaine is simply the best! This is my second time having body work with her as my first experience improved my sleeping pattern, energy level and overall sense of bliss. She is professional, knowledgeable, and caters to what your body specifically needs. After my first session with her, I noticed that drinking coffee and tea was no longer necessary as my alert levels remained throughout the days. Best of all, my body felt absolutely amazing - better than I have felt in years.  I used to think that bodywork is a luxury but I now, I believe that it’s an absolute necessary part of self-care. Personally, it’s always a profound experience to have a bodywork with Jetta and I plan to continue to treat it the best as it deserves! I offer my highest recommendation to Jetta.
J.J. Guzman

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