Sananga is antiseptic and antiviral Shamanic eye drops providing a multitude of benefits.

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Made from the bechette root in the Amazon, these Shamanic eye drops are host to a multitude of benefits. Sananga is antiseptic and antiviral. On the physical level, it increases depth perception, long-range vision, and colors. It can also be great to treat headaches, migraines, sleep quality. On the subtle body level, it can produce vivid dreams, increase the strength of the third eye, improve intuition, and remove any spiritual or emotional blockages. It is a true mind, body, and spirit medicine.

Sananga is often used before ayahuasca ceremonies to enhance the experience and make space for clearer visions, both physically and internally.

For full effect, we recommend trying a 21 day dieta of sananga, using the eye drops daily in the morning or evening prior to meditation and journaling any changes you may see.

We offer multiple strengths of Sanaga so that you can find the best one for your practice. Lighter strengths are diluted with colloidal silver. Full strength option is pure sananga.


.5 oz, 1 oz, 5 mL


Half Strength, Full Strength


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