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Jetta Blaine

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Jetta Blaine is certified through Kambo International. She is also a yoga teacher, Thai bodywork practitioner, and lifestyle integration coach.

Jetta has traveled the world studying and living different healing modalities in search of equanimity for her mental and physical health. She is a living example of post-traumatic growth, and credits kambo and plant medicines as the forefront guides on her healing journey to from her once crippling PTSD and depression. She hopes to become a catalyst for others on their own paths of self-realization and sees it as her life’s dharma to serve Kambo. 

From me, to you.

Nice to meet you, I’m Jetta.

It all started through my own healing journey. I have always said that if I ever found a way to heal my mental and physical health, I would share however I did so with the world.

These are the methods that helped me. I serve them with the utmost humility and respect as I hold space for your own self-growth.

Anyone on the healing journey has likely heard the phrase that “healing comes from within”, and indeed, it does. However, sometimes support is needed to go deeper inside.

My younger years were plagued with crippling depression, PTSD, and a myriad of physical issues that kept me in almost constant pain in my mind and body. During my early twenties, I traveled the world studying and living different healing modalities. My travels ultimately lead me to India where I lived for six months studying yoga, meditation, and bodywork. It was during this time that I grew aware of the ways my consciousness was largely holding onto my ailments, and where I finally began to find the tools I needed to move forward with my life.

It was also in India where I first sat with Kambo. Over the next 1.5 years, Kambo offered me more healing than anything I had yet found physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I now see it as my life’s dharma to serve Kambo, and hold the frog as a close spirit guide on my own journey. Every day, I am grateful for Kambo in my life as it continues to teach me potent lessons on existence, service, and respect. I am also deeply grateful for the Matses tribe and other tribes in the Amazon for sharing this remedy with the world.

My journey with Kambo ultimately led me to sit intently in plant medicine ceremonies. These ceremonies, alongside Kambo and whole-food veganism, are largely what I credit for my post-traumatic growth and finally reaching a point where I am comfortable with my mental & physical bodies.

To me, serving these modalities is just as important as sitting with them. I hope you are able to see reflections of your own life’s journey in mine, as I can constantly see them with my own clients. I hope to provide the space through my practice for your own human journey to wholeness, and show you the same love, safety, and care I have been shown on mine.

In the words of Ram Das, “We are all just walking each other home.”


200 hour YTT from Rishikesh Yogis – Rishikesh, India 2018
Reiki Levels I + 11 from Healing Hands Reiki School, Rishikesh, India 2018
Advanced Thai Yoga Massage + Guasha Certification from the Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts (IMOSHA) – Mysuru, India 2019
Professional Apprentice for Remedial Massage from Massage First – Airlie Beach, Australia 2019
Kambo Practitioners Certification from Kambo International – California, 2021


What do people say about
working with me?

"Jetta is my go-to when I am in need of healing and guidance, I have always found her to be a trustworthy and uplifting person.

The angel readings I've received have made me feel so supported and cared for, they guide me when I feel stuck and help me feel the joy of existence.

The body work I have received from Jetta has been truly life changing. I leave every session feeling in tune with my body, completely nourished and peaceful.

The kindness and compassion Ive been shown in these sessions has taught me how to be kind to myself as well. I am entirely grateful to receive the benefit of Jetta's work and would honestly recommend her services to anyone.

I feel like we all really need this kind of support."

Courtney N.

Moonflower Client

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