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Jetta's life coaching services support lifestyle and plant medicine integration.

Jetta’s coaching style involves a unique combination of somatics, inner child work, and creative self-expression to align your transcended spiritual lessons with everyday lifestyle applications.

You do not need to be affiliated with plant medicines to enjoy this prime service. This integration coaching can align you with your higher spiritual gifts and attune you towards a healthier version of oneself. This service can be utilized with incorporating any kind of healthy or spiritual practice into your life.

More about Coaching with Jetta

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    combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole.

We could all use support integrating life’s experiences. From yoga workshops, to plant medicine ceremonies, to wellness courses, the world is looking to live in better alignment with higher gifts. Often times, people attend life-changing and transformative events, but the true challenge comes when they return to normalcy and must implement what they have learned into everyday life. 

We often crave fast, intense change, but true change often comes slowly through tactile modifications in habits and mindset. These transformations can affect every realm of our existence, often altering relationships in the process. 

Jetta’s coaching helps you breakdown your insights and lessons from life’s big moments and place them in your life in real, sustainable ways. She gives support to make your transition to health & wholeness as smooth as possible.

Plant medicine integration coaching –

Jetta established her first relationship with plant medicines through psilocybin while exploring the Sierra Nevada’s high country in her early 20s. Although her first experiences were recreational, it was not long before she realized the transformational value inherent nature’s entheogens. Several years later, Jetta began to attend ayahuasca circles. She credits ayahuasca as a leading factor in her healing journey towards homeostasis of mental health, and curing her PTSD and depression.

Plant medicine experiences are something that are so unique to the individual and cannot fully be conveyed to others who have not experienced these transcended forms of consciousness. These moments with nature’s psychedelics have the potential to teach us immensely about our life’s journey, and can reveal unhealthy, unconscious patterns and traumas long forgotten. Although plants make excellent teachers, it is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to apply what they have learned to their everyday life. Adequate support can be crucial to maximizing our healing potential from our favorite plant allies.


Jetta is my go to for when I am in need of healing and guidance, I have always found her to be a trustworthy and uplifting person. The angel readings I've received have made me feel so supported and cared for, they guide me when I feel stuck and help me feel the joy of existence. The body work I have received from Jetta has been truly life changing. I leave every session feeling in tune with my body, completely nourished and peaceful. The kindness and compassion Ive been shown in these sessions has taught me how to be kind to myself as well. I am entirely grateful to receive the benefit of Jetta's work and would honestly recommend her services to anyone. I feel like we all really need this kind of support.
Courtney N.
Jetta is a true healer. Her brilliance, passion, and gifts are evident in all that she does! I have received bodywork, reiki, and Kambo from Jetta over the last few years, and each session I’ve had with her has been transformative. Not only is she an extraordinary healer, but her energy in general is very healing to be around. If you are seeking balance, healing, or to start anew, Jetta is that catalyst! I cannot speak more highly of a her, her work, and her gift of healing. ♥️ She is a powerful force, and her patience, compassion, biliary to see, and grace, are contagious. Thank you infinitely Jetta!
Ashley M.

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