Guidance for your
Soul's Journey through Kambo, Bodywork, & Yoga

Jetta Blaine

Discover your ability to transform.




Kambo, known as the “Vaccine of the Rainforest”, is an ancient shamanic remedy that hails from the depths of the Amazon. It is non-psychoactive and is simply the secretion of phyllomedusa bicolor, or the giant monkey tree frog.


Enjoy this transcendental practice that utilizes meridian work, trigger point therapy, and dynamic movement to work every layer of the subtle and physical bodies.


Jetta’s coaching style involves a unique combination of somatics, mindfulness, inner child work, and creative self-expression to align your transcended spiritual lessons with everyday lifestyle applications.





Group Kambo



Jetta is certified through Kambo International. She is also a yoga teacher and Thai bodywork practitioner.

She has traveled the world studying and living different healing modalities, and hopes to be a catalyst for others on their journey towards oneself.



Jetta is a true healer. Her brilliance, passion, and gifts are evident in all that she does! I have received bodywork, reiki, and Kambo from Jetta over the last few years, and each session I’ve had with her has been transformative. Not only is she an extraordinary healer, but her energy in general is very healing to be around. If you are seeking balance, healing, or to start anew, Jetta is that catalyst! I cannot speak more highly of a her, her work, and her gift of healing. ♥️ She is a powerful force, and her patience, compassion, ability to see, and grace, are contagious. Thank you infinitely Jetta!
Ashley M.
I’m deeply grateful to have crossed paths with Jetta and her healing powers. Through Kambo inoculation, she helped me with love and compassion to go through the process of cleaning my body, opening my heart, and ground my soul in my own power. Her presence, energy and expertise was key for me to let go and to release what was no longer serving me. She helped me prepare for my next stage of sovereignty. Her energy and magical words still linger in my soul: “I can and I am”. If you are searching for self expansion, empowerment and more heart in your life, Jetta is an amazing healer that can support you in your journey, she brings a grounding force, compassion and love. Thank you Jetta.
Jen M.
Jetta is one of the most compassionate people I've ever been around. It's easy to see she has found her true calling as a kambo practitioner. She has an innate and beautiful way of making everyone she encounters aware of how special they are, and can become. Her Kambo ceremonies are insightful, filled with meditations, and spot on assessments of how each ceremony should be approached and carried out. You won't find another practitioner whom is more devoted, passionate and knowledgeable! After the most painful and traumatic time of my life, I can't begin to explain how impactful she has been to my recovery. If you struggle with substance abuse, depression, ptsd, panic attacks, ect, book a Kambo session with Jetta! It will be one of the smartest decisions you make on your road to recovery.
Nick D.
Jetta is my go to for when I am in need of healing and guidance, I have always found her to be a trustworthy and uplifting person. The angel readings I've received have made me feel so supported and cared for, they guide me when I feel stuck and help me feel the joy of existence. The body work I have received from Jetta has been truly life changing. I leave every session feeling in tune with my body, completely nourished and peaceful. The kindness and compassion Ive been shown in these sessions has taught me how to be kind to myself as well. I am entirely grateful to receive the benefit of Jetta's work and would honestly recommend her services to anyone. I feel like we all really need this kind of support.
Courtney N.

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